2013 USSSA National Teams Posted

National Teams Posted


First and Second National Teams

Thank you to everybody who participated in this great event. We had a great time seeing everybody play and we walked away impressed with all the talent. Congratulations to the First and Second Team USSSA All Americans. With the amount of talent in Kissimmee, it was very hard to choose a National Team and a Second Team. We are already looking forward to the 2013 USSSA All American Games.

USSSA First Team & Second Team All-American Honors were awarded to the top individuals at each of the 14u, 15u, and 16/17u divisions for the USSSA All-American Games. The First Team All-Americans automatically earn a spot on the 2013 USSSA National Team who will compete in International competition next summer.

If a current National Team Member is unable to attend, a member of the Second Team, who matches the position, will be called to fulfill the roster spot.

 * The 2012 USSSA 1st Team All-Americans at each age are automatically named to the 2013 USSSA National Teams.

2012 USSSA 14u 1st Team 2012 USSSA 14u 2nd Team
Jacson McGowan Kyle Brana
Nathan Gonzales Michael Melichar
Zane Gill Lantz Trisler
Tyler Fagler Kevin Nichols
Nick Neville Nick Ultsch
Bailey Champagne Adam Weekley
Kalib Clark Sam O’Brien
Tanner Graham Christian Millan
Kristian Franklin Zach Prystash
Simon Landry Dante Brammer
Paul Benitez Andrew Howard
Landon Seymour Kragen Kechley
Joseph Standley
Derek Wells
Alan Harrison
Alexander Dixon
Vinnie Benvenuto
Patrick Fennell
Matt Ellmyer
Zach Walsh


2012 USSSA 15U 1st Team All American      2012 USSSA 15U 2nd Team All American
Roy Thurman Kyle Gibbs
Ray Hernandez Tyler Yardley
Jeremy Vasquez Zach Cook
Nathan Montgomery Isiah Cullum
Logan Wiley Elijah Sanders
Austin Ferguson Bailey Ward
Grant Shotnik Kyle Morton
Kyle Marman Cole Edwards
Hector Morales Josue Montes
Matthew Heeble Hunter Hart
Christian Smith Mike Bauer
Joshua Baumgardt Sam Swartz
Chris Reed Vinny Hubli
Logan Soole Joshua Baldwin
Luis Oliver Paxton Ketchum
Carter Brown
Ruben Garcia
Darren Hasch
Jordan Barchus
Justin Reaves


2012 High School Varsity 1st Team All American
2012 High School Varsity 2nd Team All American
Clyaton Gelfand William Hunter Durham
Dalton Horstmeier Lucas Schauer
Kyle Corbin Chandler Mullins
Nathan Diamond Reed Fell
Khalil Denson Jonathon Ward
Daytona Bryden Jason Frederick
Andy Teolken Trent Masih
Zach Marshall Gordy Taylor
Jake Turley Jonathon Brown
Brandon Nania Trenton Gantt
Jacson Scofield Ronnie Grant
Bobby Dalbec Tyler Coleman
David Peterson Bradley Francisco Ramon
Jacob Niggemeyer Alex Gross
Cre Frinfrock
Cole Mears
 Max George
Derek Deler
Cameron Williams
Jared Tobey
Congratulations are well deserved for everyone in attendance as the talent this year was very competitive!


About USSSA:

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), headquartered in Osceola County, Florida, USSSA is the World’s Largest Multi-sport Athletic Organization. Founded in 1968, USSSA has grown to over 3.7 million participants, competing in 13 nationally sanctioned sports including Baseball, Fastpitch, Slow Pitch, Karate, Basketball, Soccer and more! For more information on USSSA and to register your team visit USSSA.com. Also be sure to visit USSSAToday.com for the latest USSSA News!


  1. My son participated in the Gold Mdal Games and it was very exciting, the ceremony was expectacular worthy of Olympic Games and also the professionalism. We will never forget. It will remain in our mind forever.

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