2014 USSSA All-American Games


Ages: 15u, 16u, High School Varsity (17u & 18u) (following the April 30th age cut-off)

Location: Osceola County Stadium (Houston Astros Spring Training Complex)
631 Heritage Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34744




University of Cincinnati                          Felician College

William Baptist College                            UCF

State College of Florida                          Lake Erie College

Savannah State University                  North Greenville University

University of Bridgeport                       Barry University

Christian Brother University

Lipscomb University

Elizabeth City State University


Disclaimer:  USSSA HS Elite baseball Program is not liable for colleges that do not attend. The colleges listed above have given verbal commitments of their attendance for this event August 7th-10th,2014 


Description: The USSSA All-American Games will consist of the top 15u-18u players as identified by ABR and USSSA.  The event serves as the selection for the 2014 USSSA All-Americans and the 2015 USSSA National Teams who will compete in International competition.  The 2015 15u & 16u National Teams will compete in the  USSSA GOLD MEDAL GAMES, while the 2015 USSSA High School Varsity National Team will travel internationally.

* 16u National team will be selected from the 15u-18u All American Games*

* HS Varsity National Team will be selected from the 15u-18u All American Games*

Below is the location where each of our HS Varsity National Teams have traveled:

2010: Osaka, Japan
2011: Prague, Czech Republic
2012: Prague, Czech Republic
2013: Prague, Czech Republic
2014: Prague, Czech Republic
2015: TBD


The event is invite only. Contact Anthony Ochoa for details on registration info  708.675.1500 ext. 117


Below you will see last years AAG  schedule layout. This is a tentative layout and USSSA and the  HS Elite Program have the right to change the event layout as they see fit to accommodate enough time for player workouts and  games.


– Check In at Osceola County Stadium (in the Astros Team Store):
  (The 2014 times are as followed)


15u- TBA

16u- TBA

17u/18u- TBA

  * Please note that check in will go according to the USSSA age cut off (April 30th)

* If anybody has any questions on the above check in times or cannot make their check in time please let us know so we have an idea of when to expect you.



17/18u- TBA

15/16u- TBA

*Evaluated workouts are a way to get in front of the college and Pro scouts. USSSA staff will be overseeing the workouts and will use it as an opportunity to get to know some of the players.

Checklist of Things to Bring

– We will give you jerseys and hats at check in

– Please bring belt (navy or black), pants (white or grey), socks (navy or black – same color as belt), cleats, helmet (if possible),gloves, catcher’s gear (if applicable), and bats (according to the USSSA bat rules).

– Rules (Subject to Change):

– Games will be seven innings in length

– Three outs or seven hitters per half inning (hitter limit is up to the coaches discretion and it is put in place to help the flow of the game)

– If a batter walks they will stay in the box for another AB in which they will start that AB with a 1-1 count.  The last out will be placed at first in order to account for the walk while giving the player another opportunity to hit

– There will be in continuous batting order to allow for all position players to receive an equal amount of at bats.  New games will begin in the spot of the order were the previous game left off.

– 3/4 GG with game play starting on Friday at 8 am (subject to change)


– In order to access all participants properly, USSSA and ABR have put together a quality staff that includes college scouts, MLB Scouts, former professional/major league players, as well as quality baseball personnel.  There will be an evaluating roving staff that will scout game to game and assess as many players as possible, while every team coach will fill out evaluation reports on both their team as well as their opponents.  The evaluation process is extremely thorough.

– Please note that the above staffing and organizations are subject to change in the case of unforeseen circumstances.  In addition, players will not receive their written evaluations as this is for the college coaches, MLB Scouts, and USSSA/ABR scout purposes.

Schedule (Subject to Change):

– The game schedules will be released upon the releasing of the rosters.  There is a minimum of 3/4 games, with 1-2 games played each day.  Sunday will consist of 1 morning game and closing ceremonies.

Refund Policy and Wavier of Responsibility Note:

I understand that the USSSA All-American Game fee is non-refundable. If attending, I hereby agree to pay the registration fee in full for the All-American Games.

I understand that the All-American Games are operated by USSSA. Accordingly, I agree to release and hold harmless USSSA, its agents, and other staff, while acting in their capacities as such, from any and all claims of liability which may arise in any manner or form from my child’s participation in this event.

I hereby authorize USSSA staff to act for me, according to their best judgment, in any medical emergency. As parent/guardian of aforementioned player, I take full responsibility for payment of injuries that may occur during the USSSA Event and I hereby waive and release said persons from any liability of illness/injury incurred while attending camp.

 Any further questions can be directed to the High School Elite Office at 708.675.1500