2016 USSSA All American Richmond Tryout Direct Selections-Northeast Region


We have identified the top 4 participants in each age division to be named as a Direct Selection to the Northeast Region USSSA All American Teams.  Players listed below will be contacted via email in a week to 10 days at the conclusion of the Event with further information on securing your roster position. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you in August.

Age Number Name Age Number Name
9 986 Elijah Boswell   12 1472 Addison Clark
9 987 Ty Hames   12 1478 Cian Sahler
9 988 Houston Hebert   12 1479 Michael Shanahan
9 990  Brayden Mann    12 1480 Jack Surdez
10 1419 Joshua Bartels   13 1552 Jared Molnar
10 1434 Ayden Snarrs   13 1553 Brandon Parks
10 1436 Jake Stanley   13 1555 Ryan Shieh
10 1437 Jimmyll Williams   13 1557 Brady Ward
11 1448 Anthony Gabello   14 1565 Dillan Carillo
11 1450 Jaden Greene   14 1566 Nathan Cmeyla
11 1453 Christopher McCullers 14 1567 Tyler Cotten
11 1456 A.J. Poole 14  1568 Eddie Eisert 



About USSSA:

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  1. Check out my grandson, Jake Stanley, number 1436

  2. Adam M Schnarrs says:

    Congratulations Ayden for being a direct selection this year. Your hard work and love of the game truly shows. We are very proud of you!

    Congratulations to all of the direct selections for the Northeast Region as well!!

  3. Brian Mann says:

    Congratulations Brayden on your direct selection. You’ve certainly earned your spot through countless hours of practice. Your mom and I could not be prouder. Your dedication and love of the game has gotten you this opportunity. This is something you’ll never forget.

  4. Jimmy Williams says:

    Congratulations to you Jimmyll for making the direct selection for the all American team two years in a row. Don’t too many kids do that. We’re so proud of you son. Your delectation and love for the game is really paying off.

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