Where Do You Stand? 2017 Average and Top Scores Announced





Divider_60 yard dash


. 2017 Ave 2017 Best
Age 60 Yd Dash(sec) 60 Yd Dash(sec)     Player Name   Region
  9U 9.82 8.06  Mikey Bell  Northwest
10U 9.68 7.85  Brock Bales  Midwest
11U 9.14 7.32  Matthew Melancon  Southeast
12U 8.57 6.88  Chandler Pollard Atlantic
13U 8.04 6.98  Xavier Allen Atlantic
14U 7.96 7.08  Carter Glenn Atlantic


Divider_of velocity


. 2017 Ave 2017 Best
Age OF Velo(mph) OF Velo(mph)     Player Name   Region
  9U 50 62  Nathan Keyes Far West
10U 53 64  Michael Torres Atlantic
11U 58 67  Matthew Melancon Southeast
12U 63 75  Garrett Ferguson Central
 Devin McComas Southeast
13U 68 82  Tyler Glowacki Far West
14U 71 83 Anthony Manuel Northwest


Divider_if velocity


. 2017 Ave 2017 Best
Age IF Velo(mph) IF Velo(mph)     Player Name   Region
  9U 49 60  Anthony Del Angel Midwest
10U 53 63  Mario Magana Atlantic
 Mark Brissey Southeast
11U 55 65  Matthew Melancon Southeast
12U 60 72  Ruben Castro Far West
 Kyle Compton Southeast
13U 65 77  Tyler Abrego Midwest
14U 68 77  Anthony Manuel Northwest
 Jared Molnar Northeast
 Hudson White Midwest




. 2017 Ave 2017 Best
Age FB Velo(mph) FB Velo(mph)     Player Name   Region
  9U 53 61  Ryan Harwood Far West
10U 56 67  Jonathan Medina Atlantic
11U 59 70  Alexander Knudtson Central
12U 65 77  Ethan Watson Far West
13U 69 82  Jonathan Kozasky Far West
14U 72 81  Quinton Dacus Central




. 2017 Ave 2017 Best
Age Pop Time (sec) Pop Time (sec)     Player Name   Region
  9U 2.38 1.94  Anthony del Angel Midwest
10U 2.22 1.80 Jacob Wehba Midwest
11U 2.27 1.84 Rolando Cota Far West
12U 2.12 1.84 William McMorris Southeast
13U 2.38 2.00 Knox Meier Atlantic
14U 2.29 2.12 Kole Rothman Southeast

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  1. How do you determine the corner infield velocity other then using a radar gun. Such as do you go by how fast the ball is thrown by a 1st baseman to 3rd, home, or …?

    • Jacki Algire says:

      You are correct that we use a radar gun to determine Corner Infield velocity. This is recorded while athletes are throwing across the field from their respective base 1B to 3B or 3B to 1B.

  2. LYNELLE says:



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