All American Showcase/Tryout Frequently Asked Questions

Updated November 3, 2017

The All American Program

What is the All American Showcase/Tryout and what do I get for my money?

The All American Showcase is so much more than just a tryout.  Your player will be evaluated by professional scouts on the 5 tools of baseball in a combine setting and atmosphere.  Our scouts will calculate the participant’s skills set as compared to other same age players from across the country.  Participants will also have their evaluations posted to their player profile page on  This page will display their Event headshot photo and evaluation grades in each skill set on the standardized 20/80 scale, which are listed as scale scores of 2-8.

What are the All American Games?

The All American Games have been designed to allow the top players in each of the 8 regions to compete against each other on a national stage. There will be two teams (i.e.; American & National) per age division that will compete to be named Champions. This culminating event has a 4 game guarantee in which teams play three cross pool games with all teams advancing into a single elimination bracket.  The 2018 All American Games will take place at the USSSA Space Coast Complex August 4 – August 11, 2018.

Does my child need an invite or is it open to all players?

Showcases are open to all players who want to participate.  Invites are for the All American Region Teams which will be selected once all Showcases in that region are completed.

Is it necessary for my child to be scouted at such a young age?

This program is not designed to scout youth players. The staff is partially comprised of college and pro players, coaches and scouts to give the feel of a pro style workout. We look forward to serving your baseball needs and exposing our youth baseball players to the combine-style evaluation that will allow them to be more relaxed when participating in other showcase events as their baseball careers progress.

The Staff

Who will run the Showcases and evaluate participants?

Every Showcase will follow the same format and will be coordinated by a scouting staff with over a combined 80 years of baseball experience. They will use the same 20/80 scale as MLB which will be displayed as 2-8 on their profile page.

Who will select the All American Teams?

A committee comprised of the All American Chief Administrator, Lead Scout and USSSA Vice Presidents will make the roster selections based off of player data collected during the Showcases of each Region.



In which age do I register my athlete?

You will register your child under the same league age as the current season (*Players using the Scholastic Waiver for the 2018 season, may register with their Grade and must provide documentation upon check-in to verify.  See Grade Exceptions below).

 9U Division – 3rd Grade (10 before May 1st)

10U Division – 4th Grade (11 before May 1st)

11U Division – 5th Grade (12 before May 1st)

12U Division – 6th Grade (13 before May 1st)

13U Division – 7th Grade (14 before May 1st)

14U Division – 8th Grade (15 before May 1st)

If unsure of their USSSA league age, click here for the Age Calculator.

Can my child tryout for the team one year older than their league age?

All participants must tryout in their appropriate age division and will only be considered for their current season roster age.  An 8 year old is permitted to try out with the 9U group, however, they will not be considered for the Regional Team.  We reserve those roster spots for of age participants for the current season of play.

What does it cost?

The cost for a Showcase and evaluation is $175 if you register online in advance of the registration deadline or $250 as a walk-up at the field (if allowed).  There is no guarantee that space will be available for walk-up registrants, it is highly suggested that you register online in advance of the registration deadline for a Showcase.

What is the discounted online pre-registration deadline?

Three days prior to the event start or sold out, whichever comes first.

How do I register my athlete?

Go to the event page you plan to participate in and click on “Register/Pay Here” next to that age division.

What positions can I select?

Each player may select up to two positions to be evaluated in per registration.  The two positions can be any combination of the following Corner Infield/Middle Infield/Outfield/Pitcher/Catcher. Players MAY NOT work out at more than two positions. Every player will run the 60 yard dash and hit.

After I register my athlete, will I get a payment confirmation email?  

No, you will not receive a payment confirmation email.  Please print your payment confirmation page or take a screen shot of this page as it will serve as your receipt.  You will need to bring the payment confirmation to the event as proof of pre-registration.  Please email Tony Harper at, if you need a copy of your payment confirmation with the Event location and player’s first and last name.

What do I do after I register my athlete for the tryout?

Simply keep an eye on the event page for any possible changes in location or itinerary.

On my athlete’s USSSA history page, it says they are in the Viera All-American, not the one I signed them up for.

That is not a problem. It says Viera because the showcase is a USSSA National office event and the USSSA National Office is located in Viera, FL.


Are athletes permitted to participate in multiple tryouts?

Participation in multiple Showcases is permitted. Athlete performance scores will not be weighted for multiple tryouts to increase their eligibility for team selection.  Your athlete may attend another Showcase if they would like to gain more experience and/or you feel that they can perform better.

Are athletes permitted to tryout outside of their home Region?

Athletes are permitted to attend any Showcase anywhere in the country. HOWEVER, players will only be selected for the Region team in which they reside and CANNOT be named as a “Direct Selection” to a Showcase outside of their Home Region.  In this instance, their evaluation data will be transferred to their Home Region’s database for team selection purposes.

I am a coach; can my whole team attend the showcase/tryout?

All Showcases are open to all athletes. Each athlete will need to register individually.

How long is the showcase/tryout?

We anticipate the Showcase to last approximately four hours. The factors that may affect the time frame will be the number of participants, weather and or field conditions/issues.

What is the rain policy for the showcase/tryout?

We run our events rain or shine.  Any possible updates will be displayed on the event page and all pre-registered participants will be notified via email.

Team Selections

When will the teams be selected?

Four Direct Selections will be named for a Region at each Showcase per age division.  The All American Selection Shows will announce the remaining members for the Region teams in each age division after the last Showcase of the season.  The Regional Rosters will be publicly announced during each of the Regional All American Selection Shows.  The schedule for the All American Selection Shows can be found at the following link:

How will I know if my athlete is selected for the All American Team?

Direct Selections will be notified within a week of the Showcase they attend.  These players will have a set deadline (72 hours after notification) to accept their Regional Team Selections.  The remaining team selections are announced during the Regional All American Selection Shows. It is imperative you supply complete and accurate information when registering your child. We will also contact each selected player’s parents as well as post the rosters online at after the All American Selection Show has aired for a Region.

If my athlete is selected, will this affect their team?

The All American Games are scheduled at the end of the season to ensure each player will be able to participate without negatively affecting his team.

What happens once my athlete is selected for the All American Team?

We will notify you. Each player will be supplied with an All American hat, and two All American jerseys. Selected players will need to provide: solid white uniform pants of any length (no pinstripes, leg stripes, piping, braiding, or colored trim of any type), solid baseball socks & belt (in the color listed below), and all personal baseball equipment (i.e.; gloves, bats, helmets, etc.).  Once selected, USSSA will also have All American Team Apparel for sale for a limited time only. This information will be sent to selected team members via email.

Navy Blue belt & socks – Atlantic, Central, Northwest, Southeast

Royal Blue belt & socks – Far West, Midwest

Black belt & socks – Great Lakes, Northeast

Are there any additional fees for players who are selected for the All American Teams?

There is a $225 non-refundable incidental fee for the 2018 All American Games.  It is each individual player’s responsibility for transportation, lodging, etc. during the culminating event.  USSSA Space Coast Complex is a stay to play venue and committed attendees will need to secure housing through Anthony Travel.


All American Games

Can I enter my team into the 9U-14U All American Games?

No, only the 16 All American Regional Teams in each age division will participate in the All American Games.

What is the format of the All American Games?

The format for the Games is pool play into a split single elimination bracket for each age division.

How many tournaments will the All American Regional Teams play in?

The Regional Teams will only play in one tournament.  Our main objective is to minimize the effect on your normal team.

Will the 9U-14U Regional Teams practice?

We have built in practice times (during the games) for each of the Regional Teams.

How do I get more information on the 9U- 14U All American Program?

Please contact Tony Harper via email at or phone at 321-877-0656 for general program questions.

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